Wild AquaFeed

Wild Aquafeed, in collaboration with our partner Inseco, have developed the Advance Aquafeed range for catfish species. Advance is the most advanced smart feed for catfish species – designed using Entomeal and EntoOil to sustainably strengthen your catfish before and during environmental and bacterial challenges whilst increasing growth performance and lowering FCR.



a) Strengthening essential barriers to disease
b) Functional & exclusive ingredients
c) Population safeguarding
d) High survival rates



a) Enhanced immune system
b) Safeguarding nutrients using pellet encapsualation



a) Withstanding disease threats b) Easing bacterial impact

Advance Prime Start

Ideal live feed replacement for Tilapia Fry

ADVANCE Prime Start has been developed based on the latest research of Tilapia fry nutritional needs and modern farming practices. Advance Prime Start has been produced using gentle extrusion techniques to preserve nutrients whilst careful granulation and sifting processes ensure a dust free product. Granulates float for extended periods to maximise ease of use and minimize wastage, ensuring the highest water quality. This feed is the perfect choice for maximum production and healthy fish.

Advance Premium Hatchery

Ideal start for fry from 0.1g to 10.0g

Advance Starter feeds are all about giving your fish the best start possible. Our scientifically formulated, ‘slow sink’ extruded pellets give your fry and fingerlings a strong and healthy start before the grow-out stages. Our gentle production techniques preserve all the nutrients, ensuring your fish get exactly what they need at each life stage. Careful extrusion and sifting processes ensure a dust free product for reduced waste and superior water quality.

Accelerate Premium Grower

High quality yields at low cost

Advance Performance extruded pellets offer you floating feeds that designed to give you excellent growth performance at low costs. Based on the latest knowledge of Tilapia’s nutritional needs and modern farming practices, these feeds are the right choice when the goal is maximum production of healthy fish, under intensive conditions.

Accelerate Premium Finisher

High performance feed for vitality and flesh condition

Advance Finishing feeds offer you high quality floating feeds that are formulated to give you excellent growth performance at low costs. Like the Wild Grower Stage feeds, the Finishers give you high performance and ensure the fish have the precise ingredients required to get to market.
Our finisher feeds also contain state-of-the-art premixes and formulations to ensure that the fish you grow have superior flavour and texture. We work closely with our clients to customise these feeds to suite the market you supply.

Accelerate Premium Brood

High Energy diets to boost quality egg production

Adavance Premium Brood is a high quality extruded pelleted feed that offer you floating brood feeds that are designed to assist brood fish to produce the best possible fry. Future fish potential and health of farmed fish are dependant on quality offspring. This feed guarantees that precious nutrient is accumulated and delivered to the fry from the female brood fish.