Wild AquaFeed

Wild Aquafeed, in collaboration with our partner Inseco, have developed the Novella range for shrimp. Novella is the most advanced smart feed for shrimp – designed using Entomeal™ and EntoOil™ to sustainably strengthen the shrimp before and during environmental and bacterial challenges whilst increasing growth performance and lowering FCR.



a) Strengthening essential barriers to disease
b) Functional & exclusive ingredients
c) Population safeguarding
d) High survival rates



a) Enhanced immune system
b) Safeguarding nutrients using pellet encapsualation



a) Withstanding disease threats b) Easing bacterial impact

Nutritional Facts:


1. Supports against environmental threats.
2. Invaluable support to shrimp’s hepatopancreas function.
3. Our exclusive ingredients naturally guard against WSSV and APHND, increasing survival and enhancing growth performance.
4. Excellent feed conversion ratio.

Feeding Guideline:

Practical guide: 100 000 shrimp consume 2 kgs of feed per day for the first 25 days, increasing by 200 – 300 grams per day. Check tray monitoring will assist in monitoring the accuracy of feed consumption and is dependant on temperature, water quality and climatic conditions.