Wild AquaFeed


Our Smart Feeds are designed to sustainably grow fish fast, at less cost and with far less environmental impact. Our core strategy in design is focused on driving sustainable, nutritional, health and farming solutions in an integrated value proposition for our customer. We validate our assumptions with rigorous research and and are in tune with global forces driving change on our planet.


Wild Aquafeeds, along with our partners are currently working on developing high quality smart feeds for species such as Kob (Argyrosomus coronus), Yellowtail (Seriola quinqueradiata) and Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar).
Our aquafeeds designs will make a difference to your bottom line and effectively reduce your impact on the natural environment.


Each farm is affected by unique challenges, whether it be environmental, regulatory, financial, social or a combination of these. Wild Aquafeeds are here to partner with you to achieve optimal results together. We love the challenge of designing customer specific feeds and making sure that you are always achieving beyond expectation.

Put our team of experts to the test!

Locking in the nutrient

Nutrient lock encapsulation technology by Wild

Nutrient protection

Wild Aquafeeds has developed a two stage oil coat technology that ensures that all the nutrient in the formulations are locked in to each pellet produced. The second coat application using a high viscosity oil guarantees that there is zero leaching of valuable nutrient or oil into the surrounding environment, delivering full benefit to your fish with no impact on the environment.

High Palatability

This second coating also has a 30% higher palatability index than conventional oil applications. This stimulates the appetite and encourages feeding response which results in better uptake of nutrient, and therefore, better growth performance. High palatability also guarantees less uneaten feed and therefore lower wastage and water quality impact.