Wild AquaFeed


Given the scale of the sustainability challanges facing the world, an innovative and collaborative approach is required betweeen each and every stake holder in the aquaculture industry to ensure a food secure and sustainable future

Reducing your impact for a bright future

Sustainability is a team effort!
There are several ways we, as an collective industry, can make a sustainable difference immediatly, but it is impossible to do it in isolation. Sustainability can only be achieved if partnerships are formed between all segments of the aquaculture industry including feed design and manufacture, education, farms and consumers.
Collaboration is one of our company values and this can be seen through our long term involvement in external partnerships and multistakeholder platforms. At it’s core, the Wild innovation strategy is focused on driving sustainable, nutritional health and farming solutions in an integrated value proposition for our customers.

Sustainability by feed design

Fish farming globally generates approximately 250 million tonnes of CO2 annually. Between 60% and 90% of this is due to the choice of feed the farm makes. Convetional diets which include high levels of fish meal and oils are the main contributors to the high levels of emmissions.
Smart designs on feed formulation is essential to break this trend. The firt step in smart design is to look at working with innovative ingredients that reduce CO2 significantly. Reducing fish meal (±2500kgs CO2 eq/tonne of protein), fish oil (±4400kgs CO2 eq/tonne) inclusion and Soya (±2500kgs CO2 eq/tonne of protein) with alternative proteins such as marine
algaes and insect meals (±200kgs CO2 eq/tonne of protein) which have a far lower emmission, is the start.
Designing feeds that have a very high digestability rate is also key. Well designed feeds that are highly digestable ensure better growing fish, lower feed to fish weight conversions and reduce environmental waste, resulting in better fish with less impact.

Effects of using Entomeal™ and EntoOil™ to replace fishmeal and oils

EntoMeal™ is an insect meal that is produced from the larvae of Black Soldier Flies. It is a very high quality protein that is highly digestible and is packed with essential amino acids and micronutrients required by fish. EntoOil™ is a highly nutritional, high energy fat extracted from the Black Soldier Fly larvae that is perfectly balanced with essential Omega fatty acids, essential for fish health and, ultimately, human health. EntoOil™ is highly palatable, stimulating feeding response and reducing waste. Below are some examples of what it looks like when switching to Wild Smart Feeds from conventional diets

Impact of using Entomeal on CLIMATE CHANGE vs conventional ingredients

When switching to illucens Smart Feed, you substantially reduce the environmental impact of your feed by 1247kgs per tonne of feed you use. E.g. If you use 100 tonnes of feed per month, your CO2 saving would be 124.7 tonnes of CO2 per month (1,496 tonnes per annum)

Impact of using Entomeal on OCEAN FISH HARVESTED vs conventional ingredients

By incorporating EntoMeal and EntoOil, illucens Trout Feed significantly reduces the reliance on fishmeal and oil. For every tonne of Illucens you use 3,650kgs of wild fish are left in the ocean.
E.g. If you use 100 tonnes of feed per month, you’re saving 365 tonnes of wild caught fish a month (4,380 tonnes per annum)