Wild AquaFeed


These are some of the testimonials from professionals who love Wild Aquafeeds

“One of the secrets of Home Grown With Love’s success is our unique approach to rearing fry, system design, system management and the Advance Smart feeds we use from the team at Wild Aquafeeds. The industry standard in South Africa is between 11 to 13 months to grow Nile Tilapia from egg to plate (500g). Our research & development, partnerships and investment has allowed us to achieve this in 6 months and less.
Half the time - Excellent return on investment and truly sustainable!”
Gary Hall
Managing Director at Home Grown With Love Species – Tilapia and Pangasius
“Since moving over to Wild feeds, I have seen a massive improvement in our water quality and performance in my fish. I experienced high mortality rates with my fry when using other local suppliers but I do not have to worry about that anymore.”
Justin Hess
Managing Director at Ichthys Species – Tilapia and Trout
“Our Trout grow so fast and are so healthy despite farming them in a tough local climate.” At UrbanGro, we are all about quality and sustainability and the illucens trout feeds from Wild gives us both. Our customers can not get enough!
Daniel Godfrey
Co-Founder UrbanGro SA Species – Trout
“We have spent a lot of money bringing brood fish in from the Netherlands. We were given guidelines as to what feed to use and how the fish should perform. Wild feeds are outperforming our expectations to the amazement of the Dutch. We are always ahead of the growth curves and our fish are incredibly healthy and strong. The team at Wild are always there to assist with any technical issues and help us get the best out of our systems.”
Erik Pretorius
Managing Director at TopHarvest Species – Tilapia
“Wild feeds listens to its customers and tries their best to accommodate our requests. The growth rates and FCR are excellent and the Wild team is always looking for ways to improve the feed.”
Ryan Carney
Managing Director at Carney Fisheries Species – African Catfish
“Jacks Fisheries have been using Wild Feeds since January 2020. The health and growth our fish has been exceptional. Their scientifically developed tilapia feed is far superior to any other tilapia feeds we have tried.”
Jeremy Cahill
Operations Manager at Jack’s Fisheries KZN Species – Tilapia